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    #sNoLine3 Snow Art Sticker Giveaway!



    Mother Nature has been pounding us Minnesotan’s with snow. Does this mean the climate ISN’T changing? No! Quite the opposite!

    According to this recent article via MPRNews, Minnesota has broken its record for the most snowfall in February, ever. Increased precipitation and erratic weather behaviour is one of the things we’re going to see more of in Minnesota due to the changing climate. As the atmospheric temperature rises globally, more water vapor can be stored in the air which means when it does rain or storm, more will come down.

    Anywho – with all this wonderful snow there’s really only one thing Minnesotans should be doing with their spare time: Making #sNoLine3 Snow Art in public spaces!

    What do you mean “snow art?”

    We’re talking snow-people (the gender-neutral approach to the traditional snowMAN), snow-sculptures, ice carvings, hand-drawn “#sNoLine3’s” in the snow… Putting up some #sNoLine3 snow-art in your own yard is great, but imagine if there were #sNoLine3 snowpeople all across the state in public places! Now we’re talkin!

    Get out and make some art! If you’re on social media, capture a photo of your #sNoLine3 Snow Art, tag @sNoLine3 and post it to our facebook, twitter, or instagram with the hashtag #sNoLine3. Twice a week, we’re going to review all of the #sNoLine3 snow art we see on the interwebs and pic our favorite. Whoever posts the best photo will be offered 5 free 2″x2″ #sNoLine3 stickers that we’ll put in an envelope and send (if you don’t want the stickers, that’s totally cool – no pressure!).

    Bonus points will go to #sNoLine3 snow art that is high visibility places!

    That’s all for now – we can’t wait to see what you post!

    Snow Lovers Unite!

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