Ride & Rep #sNoLine3

    Check all that you have experience with:

    Calling all Skiers & Snowboarders!

    #sNoLine3 is all about humans talking to humans, the climate, our relationship with our natural environment, the future of our species, and (of course) the specific goal here of stopping the Line 3 Replacement Pipeline Project from being constructed.

    Have you seen this vid?

    Consider this your official call-out to get involved with the climate crisis movement, and all you’ve gotta do is ride!


    #sNoLine3 Snow Art?? Yes!

    Mother Earth has given us everything we need to get the message out about the effort to #StopLine3!

    Make some #sNoLine3 Snow Art and send us your pics!

    How to Ride & Rep #sNoLine3 on the Slopes!

    The “Media Maker”

    Make a statement on the slopes of you oppose Line 3, and share it via your social media account with the hashtag #sNoLine3. Round up the homies before your next edit and see if they’re down to bring #sNoLine3 into the mix! Talk about Line 3 during the vid, drop a #sNoLine3 graphic during the intro… the possibilities are endless. Maybe even consider “dedicating” your next part to the movement!

    The Check-in “Cheapshot”

    If you’re on the social medias, whenever you make it to a resort “Check-In” to the resort and include the #sNoLine3 hashtag with your post! Your friends will see your post and the resort’s patrons might too – what a good way to go about blasting this message out there!

    The “Sticker Slap”

    We’ve got these rad little stickers going and it would be awesome to see them all over the place! Throw ’em on your shred-weapon of choice, on your whip, on a water bottle / coffee mug… Post a photo of your #sNoLine3 Sticker Slap to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

    *Legal Disclaimer: we are in no way, shape, or form advocating or condoning the slapping of stickers on private property that does not belong to the sticker-slapper.

    The “Chairlift Convo”

    You’ve gotta love those lengthy chairlift rides when you’re stuck next to that stranger for what seems like forever… Things might be different this year with COVID & all, ski-area depending, but what a great place to talk #sNoLine3!

    The “Chalet Parlé”

    Just about every ski resort has a chalet, and just about every chalet has a place to get food and drink. While COVID might be an obstacle this season, while you’re inside warming up, grabbing a bite or quenching your thirst strike up a little physically-distanced chat about #sNoLine3!

    Lifty Love!

    Believe it or not, Lifties are humans too. Chances are they’d love to converse with humans like you while they’re slaving away to make sure the rooks don’t get trampled by chairs. What a great way to break the ice – they might even pass along the message to other guests as they board!


    You’ve got… swag!

    These little high quality 2″ x 2″ stickers are super-duper rad – grab ’em from seekjoy’s community marketplace to help offset the costs of the #sNoLine3 campaign and rep the cause!

    Statements of Support from the Snowsport & Active Outdoor Community!

    Send us your “Snowsport Statement of Support”!

    We’d love to hear from passionate skiers and snowboarders about what you think about Climate Change, the Line 3 Tar Sands Oil Pipeline as a snowsport/active-outdoor enthusiast. Fill out and send the form below – we’ll get it published above here at sNoLine3.com and might even make it into a sharable graphic for use on social media (if you’re cool with that!)

      Ideally, we'd like to include an author name & some info as part of your SoS we post in the form of "Author Name | Discipline | Hometown" - example: "Johnny A. | Skier | Afton, MN"

      Please note: we are reserving the right to discretion as to which statements of support we post here on the website. There’s a good change we’re just gonna post your statement right here when we receive it, but if for any reason it seems inappropriate and we decide collectively NOT to make it public we’ll let you know. Sending love! #sNoLine3

      Seeya on the slopes!