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Let’s #CrushIt4Climate & Stop Line 3!

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    Crush It 4 Climate

    Protect Our Winters is encouraging everyone who’s a part of the #OutdoorState to #CrushIt4Climate this month – join the effort & let’s make sure every skier/snowboarder has heard of the effort to #StopLine3 by the end of March!


    Any skier, snowboarder, or active-outdoor enthusiast concerned about climate should be aware that the largest Tar Sands Oil Infrastructure Expansion Project in North America is currently being built in Minnesota and President Joe Biden has the executive authority to stop it like he stopped Keystone XL.

    So here’s the deal: at the round-the-clock pace Enbridge is currently building the Line 3 Tar Sands Oil Pipeline across Northern Minnesota, there’s a good chance it will be flowing oil by end of summer. This might just be the last chance to spread the word about the #sNoLine3 campaign.

    Line 3 construction began in December, despite appeals to stop the project being filed by environmental groups and sovereign tribes in Minnesota who’s land the pipeline crosses.

    At this point, despite these efforts Minnesota’s appeals courts have determined that it will be OK to decide whether or not it is LEGAL to construct the Line 3 Pipeline AFTER it has been constructed.

    As we’ve all been enjoying the man-made snow we now ride on throughout the greater Midwest, our Native relatives & Water Protectors have been locking down to machines throughout the entire winter to try and stop construction on the ground.

    Building Line 3 sets us all on a track to increase the extraction & burning of fossil fuel for the next 50 years & for decades after the scientific community has determined we must have completely shifted away from fossil fuels.

    The time is now to act! Every session on the slopes for the rest of the season, use #sNoLine3, #StopLine3, #NoLine3 & #CrushIt4Climate in your social media posts & tag @sNoLine3 & @ProtectOurWinters so everyone can see – Let’s close out the season strong!

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