Help us Stop Line 3

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    It would be awesome to say we’ve got this whole #sNoLine3 thing covered but… we need your help!

    Quite frankly, we’re flying by the straps of our boards (and bindings of our skis) and need all the help we can get from anyone willing to do just about anything to help amplify #sNoLine3 so that it reaches every skier and snowboard in Minnesota by the end of the season.

    How you can help!

    1. We need some social media gurus willing to help administer our various accounts. If that’s you, send us a brief note introducing yourself, some “samples” of your work on social media and/or active accounts you manage and we’ll go from there!
    2. Photo/Video/Content Makers: there are a zillion stories to tell out there and we need to capture as many of them as we can. If you are a photographer, videographer or graphic designer and want to lend some of your time either on the slopes or from behind your desk – reach out ASAP!
    3. Event Coordinators & Volunteers: We’ll be doing our best to add covid-safe events rallied under the #sNoLine3 umbrella throughout the season. If you can help in any way, or have ideas on fun #sNoLine3 meetups and gatherings let us know!
    4. Snowsports Industry Folk: we know some people here and there, but any connections you can make for us would be invaluable. If you’ve got a line on discounted tickets, group rates, brands that might want to get involved or have contacts with riders that you think could rep this message on an PRO/AM level introductions would be huge!
    5. Financial Support: the SEEKJOY Community is “Ratchet”-strapping this campaign and are in DIRE need of financial support. We’re moving at full speed on this initiative getting the word out and it makes it MUCH more difficult when we’re also trying to find funding. You can make direct financial contributions to this campaign via the SEEKJOY Community Network by Clicking Here and/or send us an email if you have other preferred means!

    Have some other ways you can get involved? Great! We’re so grateful for any and all the help & ideas we can get!

    Fill out the form below and/or shoot an email to We’ll be in touch ASAP!

      Check all that you have experience with: