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Climate-Change Fueled Midwest Snowstorm = #sNoLine Day at Camp Turtle Island!

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    The Midwest got hammered with snow this past week. Up on the White Earth Reservation in Northern Minnesota about 8″ fell which gave us one more weekend of #sNoLine3-ing so we posted up at Camp Turtle Island and built ourselves a little snowpark to play around with!

    This recent snowstorm returned a very spring-looking landscape to what felt like mid-winter Minnesnowta. According to several articles, including this one from CBS News by Jeff Berardelli, this particular snowstorm was the result of “arctic amplification” which “displaces cold air south & intensifies the thermal contrast, resulting in a more extreme blizzard!”

    Why Camp Turtle Island / MikinaakMinis? This particular cultural camp was started at the close of the Standing Rock Movement in the spring of 2017 and has held space for MANY people since, all the while sharing the teachings of the Anishinaabe under the guidance of Bill Paulson, a descendant of the treaties which guaranteed his people rights in perpetuity which are threatened by European development and destructive projects like the Line 3 Tar Sands Oil Pipeline.

    Camp Turtle Island currently has a fundraiser going on Facebook to help offset overhead – it was & is our hope that our little day of #sNoLine3-ing could help amplify & encourage support! Click Here to view the Fundraiser on Facebook.

    This vid was a fun way to close out the 2018/19 winter as we gear up for next fall & #sNoLine3 season 2. We’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make this day possible and much love to Red Lake MC Thomas X who granted us permission to use his track “#NoLine3 Ft. DJ AO” from his album “Ojibwe Time” in the edit.

    You can check out Thomas X on Facebook and listen/buy his music on Bandcamp (!

    The video has been posted to the #sNoLine3 Facebook Page.



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