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Birkie 2021 Dissolves Enbridge Sponsorship Agreement amidst Pressure from Community

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    Enbridge Sponsorship Removed from Birkie 2021

    The Slumberland American Birkiebeiner, also known as the “Birkie” is one of the most well-known x-country ski events in North America and recently dissolved its relationship with Enbridge Energy, which had been displayed as a “sponsor” of the event up until today.

    The Birkie Community issued a statement about the dissolution of the agreement, pointing to the fact that, “Recently, we heard from some in the Birkie community regarding our relationship with Enbridge Energy, Superior, WI.” as one of the primary drivers of the decision.

    Open Letter to Governor Tim Walz & Various State Agencies Responsible to the Approval of Permits for Line 3

    Dear Governor Tim Walz & the various State agencies approving this project,

    You might have heard that the Slumberland American Birkiebeiner X-country Ski Event has removed Enbridge Energy as an official sponsor and returned the financial contribution that had been made.

    This decision by the Birkie was made as a response to outreach and engagement inside the Birkie Community expressing outrage that such an environmentally destructive corporation could brandish its name on an event synonymous with an appreciation of nature, the beauty of our Midwest landscape & the active outdoor recreation it supports.

    Please, take note! All it takes is a decision to move in a different direction, down a different path, and change can happen.

    Listen to your community how the Birkie did. Listen to the more than 68,000 citizens who said “No” to Line 3, and the words and concerns on record from the PUC’s Matt Schuerger who, like the Birkie, changed the course of his thinking on Line 3 once he really understood the facts at play.

    Enbridge isn’t an official “Sponsor” of Minnesota, but it certainly has spent a lot of money to lobby the state, and has many of our northern communities held hostage by their funding to provide for schools, infrastructure, etc.

    Minnesota should not be reliant on a Multi-national Oil Corporation’s taxes to meet the basic needs of our communities. Minnesotans should not have to accept a new Line 3 because a 60 year old pipe is about to burst. That is ransom.

    Be like the Birkie. Or, at the very least, support a Stay Against Construction until the appeals are heard in court. The last appeal that made it through the courts in 2019 resulted in the EIS being determined “inadequate” – had Line 3 been built in the winter of 2018/2019, by early summer a court would have ruled it illegal.

    Nothing has changed, except that now there are MORE appeals, there is MORE science on the record, and we’re even CLOSER to global deadlines for net-zero emissions if we wish to move to the needle at all in the context of the global climate crisis and collapse of ecosystems worldwide.

    Be like the Birkie. Dissolve the “sponsorship” agreement you have with Enbridge
    & the Line 3 Tar Sand Oil Pipeline Replacement Project.

    As concerned Midwesterners and lovers of the outdoors & the beautiful winters we face losing with a changed climate, we are extremely grateful for the Birkie Community for taking a bold stand for the people, and for the planet.

    If only our political leaders would show the courage you have in this decision.


    The sNoLine3 Community

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