image #sNoLine3 Stickers are… Almost here!

And…. We’re officially live!

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    Alrighty snowsports fam – we’ve officially launched this site!

    Over the course of the coming days and weeks we’ll be getting the word out about #sNoLine3 across the social media landscape adn we look forward to getting people like you involved with the campaign.

    Here’s a little video we put together to help explain the #sNoLine3 effort – feel free to take a look!




    We’re about to submit preliminary order of the 2″x2″ stickers that will be distributed throughout the snowsports community for use in promoting the #sNoLine3 effort. If you’re trying to support this effort & want to make a huge impact RIGHT NOW please purchase 10, 20, maybe even 100 stickers via seekjoy’s community marketplace (Click to View 2″x2″ #sNoLine3 Stickers). We’re hoping to get the order in early this week!

    The stickers will be the primary win-win tool we’ll be using to sustain this grassroots campaign financially. The more stickers get sold, the more the message gets out & the more we can do within this short time span before spring comes (when Enbridge might be starting construction on Line 3). For the time being here, if you enter the discount code “#StopLine3” on checkout with your sticker order the price will drop from $2/each to $1. We’re going to delete these last 2 sentences on February 22nd 🙂

    If you’re into nordic skiing, alpine skiing or snowboarding and you’d like to be involved in organzing with us PLEASE shoot us an email to We are looking, primarily, for #sNoLine3 ambassadors at each of the ski areas in Minnesota and if that sounds like something you’d like to do, reach out!


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