And…. We’re officially live! #sNoLine3 Snow Art Sticker Giveaway!

#sNoLine3 #sNoLine3

#sNoLine3 Stickers are… Almost here!

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Great news! We’ve just been informed that our #sNoLine3 stickers will be arriving tomorrow and once we’ve got ’em we’ll be fulfilling pre-orders IMMEDIATELY – thank you to everyone who has already purchased them and made the order possible!

For this first round, we ran a small batch of 2″x2″ and 5″x5″ that feature the “#sNoLine3” graphic in white against a bright red background. As a grassroots effort aligned with the SEEKJOY community we are not affiliated with any source of funding behind the #sNoLine3 campaign. By purchasing these stickers via the SEEKJOY Community Marketplace, you are directly offsetting our extremely low, but still-present, overhead!

Of course, once ordered, you’ll also have the stickers which via the “Sticker Slap” will spread the word about #sNoLine3 and the broader effort to #StopLine3!

2″ x 2″ Stickers:×2

5″ x 5″ Stickers:×5

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING #sNoLine3! Once you get your stickers, we’d love to see your Sticker Slaps! Post photos to our facebook/twitter/instagram with the hashtag #sNoLine3!



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