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Resources for Press & Media

A variety of #sNoLine3 media assets are posted here for use by press, organizers, volunteers, and those creating media as part of the Ride & Rep section of this campaign.

If something you’re after is not listed below, please feel to reach out via email to snoline3@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to provide you with what you need to amplify our message!

#sNoLine3 Logos

Circled – “White on Red”
Circled – “Red on Transparent”
Circled – “White on Transparent”
Text – “Red”
Text – “White”

#sNoLine3 Font & Typography

Amatic SC Regular / Bold

Oswald Light & Medium

The primary “stylized” header font and that which is used in the Text Logomark is Amatic SC, an open-license Google Font. The primary body text used (which you are reading) is Oswald, another Google Font. For body text applications we typically use the “Light” and “Medium” variants.

Where and when possible, we try to make the “No” in #sNoLine3 bold when we are using the Amatic SC font. Depending on the font you are using, if making the “No” bold does NOT look good (like in the first sentence of this paragraph using Oswald font) just keep it regular.

The “s” in #sNoLine3 should be lower-case, which we’ve been successful doing everywhere except on the Facebook page, which didn’t seem to like having a page start with a lowercase letter…

Quick Links

View & Download these Fonts!

#sNoLine3 Colors

RED: #d12627
Lt RED: #d25455
Lt GREEN: #adc6b9
Dk Green: #686f42
Grey: #f2f2f2
Blue: #7895a4